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Our e-commerce solution allows you the ability to search for parts you need so that you can get your specific cost, check availability or read up on specifications. You are able to place orders, check an open order, review your historical usage on any previous part (s) purchased, retrieve invoices and proof of deliveries all online 24/7 as well. Use your own part number and order using your favorites tab to make ordering of repetitive items fast and easy.

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ME Campbell Solutions - Inventory Control, Auto Crib, Energy Conservation and More!

Inventory Control SolutionsInventory Control

Whether it is a keep full program designed to have low unit cost commodities on hand when your maintenance people need the part to complete their job, or it is a custom design inventory control system designed around what your company’s goals are, allow us to assist you in implementing the right inventory control program for you. This picture is of a Parker keep full program at Mueller Industries.


Safety and TrainingSafety and Training

We provide a number of on-site and in-house training programs to meet your ever growing demands to increase productivity, lower costs, and also very importantly increase safety awareness. Many of our manufacturers offer on-site free safety training. Let us help you design the right program for you.This picture is of an electrical code class given in our Port Huron training facility.


Kitting and AssemblyKitting and Assembly

We perform all kinds of assembly work so that you have the right sized product when you need it. We assemble anything from hydraulic hoses to welding custom length bandsaw blades. We also work with our customers in hold for release orders that have an accumulation of parts to form a kit. This allows you to have all the parts at one time so that your job can be completed efficiently while eliminating costly surplus parts.


LED Lighting

 LED Lighting

With the significant improvements in LED efficiency and better price points there are great opportunities to generate very favorable return on investments. This is because LED lamps and fixtures operate at such a significant reduction in energy consumption while having a life expectancy of over 50,000 hours. And this doesn’t even take into account the quality of the light as well as the improvement of your green initiative of reducing your carbon footprint. So if your facility has lights on 24/7, or even 10/7 (outdoor lighting), or you are a plant running two or three shifts six days a week, then you are a prime candidate to change to the much more efficient LED lighting. Please contact your account manager and we will be glad to provide you a free lighting assessment.This picture is of Draper Chevrolet in Saginaw where LED fixtures are now generating a great ROI for the owner plus a distinct difference in the quality of the light.




Motors are such an integral part of the operation of any machine build or manufacturing process. Therefore it is critical that you use the right motor for your application. We can assist you in determining what motor you should be using so you can accomplish your goals as it relates to life expectancy and energy saving consumption. We have a large inventory of motors so that we can service you out of stock. And with our 24/7 emergency number our inventory is always available to you. Please bring all of your motor needs to us and we will be glad to do the research so that we can provide you the right motor for your application.


Automation Solutions

 Automation Solutions Application Motors

 We now offer engineering assistance in specifying and selecting automation products to help you meet your or your customer’s needs. A new Automation Solutions Center, located in our Livonia office, has been created to help facilitate that effort, by providing an environment to demonstrate product offerings and allow our customers to get their hands-on the functioning products and to actually demonstrate their capabilities. We can even provide both on and off site capabilities, from specification and start-up to training and emergency services.  These unique capabilities can allow you to focus on your particular application aspects, saving you time and money by shortening the time that it takes you to get up and running. This is accomplished  by providing you specific expertise on the technical aspects of the specified products, reducing the time required to fully embrace the complete product offering on your own. Come in and check-out our new Automation Solutions Center to "experience" how we can help you.



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