Marshall E. Campbell Co. has a broad offering of hand tools, power tools, and many different types of electrical, air and hydraulic equipment to meet customer needs. We offer a good, better and best scenario in the tools and equipment that we provide which also supports our belief in fair pricing by providing the right tool at the right time. MEC handles the repair and servicing of all tools that we distribute, making sure that our entire customer needs from within the industrial and electrical distribution channels to the contractor walking into our store are covered and satisfied from start to finish.

Marshall E. Campbell Co. is capable of sourcing and distributing the proper tool for all types of jobs. MEC meets the safety standards of risk management in keeping workers safe in the industrial and electrical industry, or any other type of job that our tools and equipment may be used for. Our various tool selections reflect the belief that MEC wants to provide any tool at any time not only fitting the safest tool for the job but one that is the most economical as well. Many of the hand tools MEC offers have lifetime warranties that allow anyone to keep their hand tool budget under control.

Manufacturers are constantly introducing new and improved products. Marshall E. Campbell believes that it is our responsibility to evaluate those offerings and introduce the products to the industry that will add value and allow job performance to be more effective and safe. Many of these products will be presented in the various categories on our website including the slideshow on the ecatalog and our Featured Product blogs. Keep updated with Marshall E. Campbell Co.’s new and improved products by coming back and checking in often to see what we have discovered.
Any questions and concerns dealing with tools and equipment can be directly addressed by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or dialing 800-462-4050 and letting one of MEC’s experience customer service representative work for you to find the right tool for the job.