Technology is a very important part of business. Using technology to a business’s advantage allows the opportunity to make a significant increase in productivity and performance. Knowing more about band saw blades is no different; evaluating the type of material that is being cut and the speed it is being cut at will allow Marshall E. Campbell Co. to assist in determining the most effective blade for the cut.

Allow us to combine new technology, manufacturing techniques and product features to significantly improve any sawing productivity. Also, Marshall E. Campbell offers an in-house welding service that provides custom band saw welding so that every band saw blade need can be accommodated.

Our downloadable band saw blade catalog is a resource tool that is filled with valuable information about all aspects of cutting material with band saw blades. The catalog explains terminology, goes through a five step process to determine the right blade for the application, provides detailed information about what blade should be used for which material and has cutting tables and a troubleshooting guide for quick reference.

For further information, questions or concerns regarding Bad Saw technology email our trained professionals at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call Marshall E. Campbell Co. at 800-465-4050.

Band Saw Blade Catalog