Change is constant, but who has time? Process changes, preventive maintenance, quality, and safety initiatives all make demands on the time needed just to keep a system running. Managing change is part of life, but it doesn’t have to be faced alone. Marshall E. Campbell Co. can help find the solutions to keep business moving forward instead of in circles.

Being able to adapt while maintaining production is critical; we’re up to the challenge. Our retrofit solutions increase productivity by applying new product technologies to reduce cycle times and increase efficiency. New sensor and control products can help automate manual processes that are repetitive and inefficient. Take advantage of our solutions that provide visual displays of product build requirements and manage model complexity.

Keeping a system running shift after shift requires constant attention and supplier support. Let us help head off maintenance issues in any facility. Lower M.T.T.R. by taking advantage of the diagnostic capabilities of our new products by addressing control product obsolescence sooner rather than later. We can put any facility on a product migration path to get it current technology and reduce recurring repair costs. Training solutions customized to any operation and an installed base of equipment will improve uptime, and M.T.T.R. Asset management programs can control the cost of maintaining stores and repairing equipment; they can be tailored to unique needs.

Achieving quality goals does not have to be painful; MEC will apply our experience to the needs of any plant or facility. Reduce rework and scrap with our solutions to error proof manufacturing processes. FIS & connectivity solutions can reduce the time spent collecting and documenting machine uptime and quality performance. We can also provide product tracking solutions throughout any process. Quality information has to be communicated to the work force, MEC can provide visual display solutions that inform operators and support staff of real time production status.

Any facility invests heavily in its people and its equipment and MEC can help protect those assets. Expand the protection of workers while maintaining production by integrating our safety products that are designed to provide multiple levels of monitoring and protection. Code and safety specification compliance can be achieved with our services and products. From arc flash protection to proper application of safety equipment, we’re here to help.

Marshall E. Campbell Co. is much more than just our manufacturer lines, warehouses and trucks. Our entire staff, along with our supplier resources, is able to provide the highest level of support available. Our product specialists can evaluate any facility’s needs and match them to the right products and services. Use our experience to find cost savings that will help justify any project.

The solution to the problem can pay for itself. So why not let us help explore the possibilities?
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