ME Campbell offers environmentally green solutions for manufacturing and construction
ME Campbell can reduce costs and improve productivity for manufacturers
ME Campbell can increase your organization's safety records through our innovative product line

SIMpull® CoilPAK™ NOLA Installation

Allows contractors to complete circuit wiring jobs safely and more.



Brady GHS Training

Brady Launches GHS and Hazard Communication Training Programs

Globally Harmonized System (GHS) - compliant labels contain one or more standardized pictograms which communicate important information about chemical hazards in the workplace. Chemical exposure can lead to serious health conditions that include lung, heart and kidney damage, cancer, sterility, burns and rashes. Protect your workers and create a healthy, chemical-conscious environment with Brady's GHS and Hazard Communication Training programs. By 2016, OSHA requires any chemical manufacturers, importers or distributors and employers must fully comply with the Hazard Communication regulation (29 CFR 1910. 1200). Click the link above to learn more.

Marshall E. Campbell Presents: Safety At-A-Glance

At Marshall E. Campbell Co. we are concerned about the safety and health of your employees and offer up-to-date, informative material  and training focused on safety training and inspections. Download our Safety At-A-Glance brochure and quickly assess your need for safety solutions at the workplace. If you answer 'Yes' to one or more of the questions within, contact MEC today and have one of our Account Managers arrange an on-site visit to show you the various solutions we offer to increase safety and awareness in the workplace.

Metabo safety break technology offered in new WEPBA grinders stops grinding wheels in under 2 seconds and cut-off wheels in under 1 second.

Metabo, a leader and innovator of Grinder Safety, introduces the latest in brake technology. Adding already to their enhanced features and benefits including a dual action paddle switch, an auto-balance feature, anti-vibration side handle, a safety slip clutch and an electronic soft start feature, the new brake technology lowers risk management of injuries by stopping the grinder and cut-off wheels almost instantly.



Square D Co. offers a one day on-site Electrical Safety and NFPA70E course that educates participants with a basic understanding of safe workplace practices.

This course is intended for individuals who face a risk of electrical hazard and need to understand the electrical hazard present in electrical equipment; however, this course is also designed for those who need to answer questions of current safety programs and how to incorporate the new requirements into the workplace.



Xylene free liquid paint markers protect you and the environment while not sacrificing in performance.

Markal’s high performance liquid Paint markers are xylene free which means that you can use a high performance marker while not being concerned about any possible health complications from being around xylene. These markers are extremely durable, can write on oily, wet, soapy or coated surfaces. The markers are low in halogenated compounds and sulfur allows use in many stainless steel, nuclear and other corrosion sensitive applications.  More About Xylene



Hydraulic tool hose for aerial lift trucks is lighter and safer.

Parker Hannifin’s hydraulic tool hose for aerial lift trucks is lighter and easier to use preventing muscle strain. Since the hose is coiled, it will not get stepped on thus preventing possible injury. The hose maintains electrical non-conductivity, keeping the operator safe from electric shock. And the cost of the hose is 20% less than competitive rubber hose equals.




Hand Tool safety seminar will create awareness and a safer environment

Armstrong, a division of Danaher Tool Group, offers on-site safety training programs that will present hands-on tool demonstrations to your employees emphasizing proper identification, inspection, selection, usage, maintenance, and storage of your tools. OSHA statistics indicate that more than 10 percent of all on the job injuries involve the use or misuse of hand tools.

Allow Armstrong to help you maximize performance, minimize downtime and most importantly, help prevent injury and accidents.


Using the correct safety knife will prevent injuries and increase productivity

Stanley has a variety of safety knives that will allow you to put the right box cutter, or utility knife in the hands of your workforce.


Perform your own wiring device safety evaluation in your workplace.

Hubbell wiring devices has provided you a step-by-step checklist to help you identify potential problems in your facility. This document will also provide you a recommended solution to your problems as well.



SafetyWorks training promotes the importance of following proper practices and maintaining safe conditions with regard to fluid systems.

Parker Hannifin offers a training course on safe practices for fluid systems. This detailed course will reduce the risk of injury and property damage. Participation is highly recommended for anyone working with fluids under pressure and/or systems in motion.