ME Campbell offers environmentally green solutions for manufacturing and construction
ME Campbell can reduce costs and improve productivity for manufacturers
ME Campbell can increase your organization's safety records through our innovative product line

Relighting your warehouse offers you a great opportunity to reduce energy consumption and reduce your energy bill at the same time.

Warehouses that are lit with 400-1000 watt metal halide/ high pressure sodium fixtures and are running two shifts or more are prime candidates for return on investments of a year or less. Our local utilities energy incentive programs are the frosting on the cake. Call us and we will assist you in evaluating your opportunities to save energy and save money at the same time.


Energy conservation can be very effective in the office environment as well.

Lithonia offers fluorescent retrofit lighting that is ideal for hospitals, municipalities, office complexes that have a significant amount of fluorescent fixtures that are on a significant amount of the time. These applications have the possibility of having great return on investments as well.


Environmentally safe green degreaser that does not contain any solvents yet has the cleaning ability to remove grease and oil.

LPS T-91 contains no solvents, zero VOCs, biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic, low oder. Ideal for traditional solvent cleaning, basin style part washers and dip tanks.



New environmentally responsible lubricants provide an excellent alternative to many OEM air compressor fluids and other popular lubricants.

Lubriplate’s environmentally responsible lubricants have been developed to help reduce the impact on our environment without sacrificing lubricant performance. Their use can also help you with the ever increasing environmental regulations for equipment operating in environmentally sensitive areas.

Environmentally friendly sorbent pads also save you money.

The production process used for Brady’s Re-Form sorbent material takes less away from our environment. Re-Form sorbents is made from a minimum of 70% recycled newspaper and other cellulose products; unlike oil based polypropylene sorbents. And the better absorbency of Re-Form means you’ll have less sorbent material to dispose of.



Total Energy Control Audit has the potential for you to reduce energy consumption while saving significant dollars.

Square D Co. will perform a thorough energy audit that provides you a full needs assessment so that potential opportunities are not only identified but services can be provided so that the project and the results can be seen through.